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The brightest light comes from the deepest darkness. I never mentioned this because it's not my story. It's something I must live with.
My name is María Andrea and I live in Argentina. I am twenty years old. I love music and if it wasn't because of music, I probably wouldn't be here. My idol is Taylor Swift. I am a proud fan of hers and she is the only one that makes me cry tears of joy. I love her. I listen to a lot of bands and singers. What I like most is (Taylor, of course), Lorde, The Cure, A7X. I also listen to 80's, 90's and 00's music a lot. I love watching tv shows and movies. I sing, play guitar and also write. I enjoy making editions on photoshop too.
I am happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way. It's miserable and magical.

To chat/rp/get to know me: you can add me on kik (ask for it) or aim (ask for it). Don't forget to follow me on twitter! @nerdvanas
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i cant wait to have 1989 here as well!!!! IM SO EXCITED BUT JUST 7 MORE DAYS TO GO!!! taylorswift

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amnesia bts (x)

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He had the chance, he took it 

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