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My name is Andrea. I am 20 years old and I live in Argentina. I love music a lot. My favorite band is A7X and favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Lorde. I listen to a lot of 80's, 90's and 00's music. I enjoy watching tv shows and movies. I'm random, multifandom and a lot like Chandler Bing. See ya!
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send me your kik usernames bc i FINALLY HAVE IT WORKING AGAIN


I just think its a good way to talk to you all about 5sos



Hey if any of you want to talk on kik (or roleplay, request a imagine or whatever) leave your kik in my ask box and i’ll send you a message! I’m extremely bored and have no one to talk to at the moment. :)
-Kassie Xo

5SOS: He’s so sassy

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Ashton hablando de los fans.

Horrible. Tomaré clases antes de volver a editar así (?


Luke hablando de lo malos que solían ser sus covers y Ashton negandolo :’)

not my gifs just my edit

My favorite Taylor Swift music videos (part 1)

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Michael, Calum y Luke hablando de la mala relación que Muke solía tener.

not my gifs just my edit


"Nadie quiere bailar conmigo"

not my gifs just my edit


Anyone cool to chat?

kik: nerdvanas

I don’t have this kik anymore but if you want to chat, just send me your kik name and I’ll add you :D 

5SOS RP ON KIK? I am bored.

Just send me your kik username and I’ll add you. 

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